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Magical New Snow Princess Party Launches

May 30th 2015

What could be more exciting than the wonder of snow and the enchantment of pretty Princesses? Now imagine combining the two for one truly magical party. DNA Kids proudly launches its brand new Snow Princess Party bringing together beautiful Princesses, a dashing Prince, gallant Knights, tiny Elves, an... Read more!

The Ultimate A-Z Kids Party Checklist

September 17th 2014

If your little one is due to have a birthday in the next few months, or you just fancy treating your kids to a summer disco - DNA Kids is here to make sure that everything goes smoothly.      Availability - there's nothing worse than planning a party, only to realise... Read more!

Celebrating The End Of Another School Year

September 17th 2014

This September, millions of parents will embark on a very important journey. It’s a journey that will take in whispered complaints about the growing cost of a pair of school trousers, countless meetings with new teachers, hours spent poring over course schedules, and the inevitable sadness that... Read more!

Family Days Out And Outdoor Summer Activities For You And Your Kids

August 29th 2014

The summer has finally arrived – cue long, lazy afternoons spent stuffing your face with ice cream and watching the kids try to stay awake on a long drive back from the seaside. There’s simply nothing better than this time of year, especially for your little one. You get to run around in... Read more!

Rainy Day Summer Activities For Kids

July 16th 2014

The calendar might now say summer, but it doesn’t mean that the weather is always willing to follow suit. As a nation of proud grumblers, there’s something strangely comforting about being forced indoors on a rainy day for a British person. You won’t ever get us to admit it, but we... Read more!

Life's A Beach...Party! Beach Party Fancy Dress Ideas

June 23rd 2014

The summer sunshine is well and truly upon us, which means that your little scamps are most likely home for the next few weeks. You know what that means - ice creams in the park, day trips to the seaside and your favourite board games when it rains. Whilst it's true that most parents can find the... Read more!

Stay Strong, Live Long - Healthy Party Foods for Kids

June 20th 2014

When it comes to throwing a kids party, there are a thousand and one different things that need to be considered. There's lighting, games, decorations, invitations, prizes, costumes, music - it can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you've never thrown one before. It's lucky that the... Read more!

Bring Out The Animal Within & Go Quackers This Summer!

June 18th 2014

As any parent who has ever thrown a kids birthday party will know all too well, it's a bit like offering to turn your home into a zoo for the day. The house is filled with strange noises, the likes of which you've never heard before. There's a toy elephant upside down in the sink. You've... Read more!

How to Make a Despicable Me Minion Cake - DNA Kids

May 23rd 2014

Since the launch of Despicable Me in 2010 kids worldwide have gone crazy over those funny looking little yellow Minions which have become such a loveable character and almost a household name. With Despicable Me 2 launched in 2013 the Minion buzz continued, and with Despicable Me 3 due for release in... Read more!

Fangtasticly Frightful Halloween Ideas For Your Little Spooks

May 19th 2014

The year is moving faster than ever and it won't be long before it's time to get the fake blood and the pumpkins out again. If you're a big fan of Halloween, you're probably counting down the days until this most spooktastic of dates finally arrives. In fact, you'd be surprised at... Read more!

Keep The Kids Entertained This Spring Bank Holiday

May 7th 2014

You know what's it like - a four day weekend looms and even though you're craving nothing more than a peaceful break from work, it's time to entertain the kids. Whilst the Spring bank holiday might be your idea of heaven, it can quickly turn into a big of a drag for the little ones - especially... Read more!

Get Ready For The 2014 World Cup With Our Soccer Superstar Football Party

April 23rd 2014

It’s just a few months now until the start of the 2014 summer World Cup, it’s one of those rare events that somehow manages to involve an entire nation. You've seen it happen - people who claim to have never enjoyed a football match in their life suddenly become enraptured with the beautiful... Read more!

Celebrate The Start Of Summer With Our Scorching Beach Party

April 23rd 2014

The weather might be more than a little breezy right now, but summer is just around the corner. It won't be long until the little ones are nipping at your heels, asking for days out at the beach and long lazy afternoons at the park. You've got to admit that there's nothing nicer than watching... Read more!

Beach Party Themed Favours

April 14th 2014

The sun has got his hat on hip hip hooray! Sorry enough of the singing. Now the sun is here what better way to celebrate this Summer than having a DNA Kids Beach Themed Party? A Beach Party not only perfectly captures all the fun of the sun, you can also create some truly amazing party favours to give... Read more!

Everyone Can Be A Sporting Hero With Our All Star Sports Party

April 11th 2014

The days are getting longer, the sun is poking out once more and it finally looks like summer is finally round the corner. Great days out are hard to beat at this time of the year, and luckily we spent the winter setting up the perfect day out just for your little ones. Our All Star Sports Party is absolutely... Read more!

Give Your Child A Little Face Painting And They Can Be Whoever They Want To Be

March 12th 2014

It can be extremely difficult to know exactly how to keep a ten or twenty strong group of little ones entertained for an afternoon, but you’ve done the sensible thing and booked a fab DNA Kids Entertainer to take care of things so panic over! To offer something extra there is a party activity... Read more!

How to Cater for Allergies at a Kids Party

February 10th 2014

  One of the key areas to focus on when planning a safe kid’s party, allergies can take many forms, but can have serious consequences if not dealt with properly. It’s important to get the right information from parents in advance, while also knowing where to look for the right food... Read more!

Party with Peace of Mind with DBS (Previously CRB) Checked Entertainers

February 10th 2014

  When you’re putting together your next kid’s party, it’s worth being aware of the importance of DBS checks. Previously known as CRB checks, DBS inspections mean that an entertainer has passed the rules necessary to work with children and vulnerable adults. Not checking that... Read more!

What's On Our Disco Playlist for Teen Parties

January 29th 2014

Putting together great parties for teenagers is one of our specialties here at DNA Kids. We provide the best laser disco parties, UV glow parties and karaoke disco parties, which are suitable for younger and older teenagers. When organising a disco for teenagers, it’s important to get areas such... Read more!

Kids Party Food Favourites

January 29th 2014

  What are some of the best foods for kids’ parties? Getting the right foods for a kid’s party means having a balance of healthy and fun choices that can cater to a wide range of different children. You also have to take into account whether there will be any vegetarian or vegan kids... Read more!

How to Make Great Party Bags Without Breaking the Bank

January 29th 2014

  The party bag is one of the most essential elements to making a kids’ party a success. However, it can be a challenge to decide on how to make and fill party bags without spending a significant amount of money, particularly after you’ve already put together the rest of a party.... Read more!

How to Cater for Vegan Children at your Kids Party

January 29th 2014

  Getting all the details right for a kids’ party can be challenging business. At DNA Kids we’re always looking to get the most out of specialist parties, and work with parents to ensure that all requests are taken into considerations.   One of the most difficult areas... Read more!

How to Cater for Vegetarian Children at your Kids Party

December 11th 2013

Being able to cater for vegetarian children at a kids party can be a challenge, whereby you can have to deal with everything from making sure that you have the right kind of vegetarian food, through to being creative with what you’re serving. Here at DNA Kids we understand the work that has to... Read more!

What to expect from a DNA Kids party

October 14th 2013

Anybody who “likes” DNA on Facebook will surely be aware the company took our 26,000th booking recently. A sure-fire indication that year after year customers leave their parties nothing short of satisfied. “But what is it about a DNA Kids party that is so good?” I hear you asking.... Read more!

How to Make Your Kid's Birthday Party One to Remember - Part 2

October 14th 2013

I want to tell you now about the non-entertainment aspects of the party which contribute to Making Your Kid’s Birthday Party One To Remember.  Firstly, the venue is important.  Finding a good venue is not too tough.  Church halls, community centres, specialist function rooms etc... Read more!

How to Make Your Kid's Birthday Party One to Remember - Part 1

October 14th 2013

Adulthood is a dog-eat-dog world.  You spend the last 60 years of your life in competition with other people for pretty much everything – jobs, relationships, parking spaces, position in the queue at the Post Office – but childhood is a relatively balanced period.  There are very... Read more!

New Website Launches!

October 14th 2013

After 10 months of planning, designing and building we are proud to launch our brand new 4th generation website. It has been a labour of love for all involved and we are thrilled with the final result!   Evolution, Not Revolution With so many great compliments on our previous website we... Read more!

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