What to expect from a DNA Kids party

Anybody who “likes” DNA on Facebook will surely be aware the company took our 26,000th booking recently. A sure-fire indication that year after year customers leave their parties nothing short of satisfied. “But what is it about a DNA Kids party that is so good?” I hear you asking. Well, be patient, because I’m about to explain it to you. And please save all other questions til the end. Thank you.


The first thing you can be sure of is reliability. DNA currently boasts almost 50 entertainers, all of which are put through a rigorous, boot camp style training process, separating the wheat from the chaff.  Ok, so I may be exaggerating a little bit, but the point I’m trying to make is that unlike a one man self employed party entertainer who only has to answer to him or herself, everybody who works for DNA is accountable to the company. It is hard wired into an Entertainer that punctuality, friendliness, energy and control are all of paramount importance, and anyone who fails to deliver on all fronts is simply wasting their time. All the entertainers at the company are kept on their toes both by the united pride in the company and the competitive streak each entertainer has to shine through.


When booking a DNA Kids party, you’re also guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Your children will receive prizes for game winners, consolation sweets for game “not quite winners”, certificates, birthday child medals and activity sheets. We’re fully aware of how fantastic the feeling is to be made to feel special on your birthday (a feeling you don’t get to experience as much during adulthood) and take immense pride and satisfaction in seeing your children’s beaming smiles as we make them the star of the show.


Another thing you can always expect from a DNA party is class. No, I don’t mean we teach your children to ballroom dance whilst serving them caviar, but we lead the way against dated and old fashioned party routines. For a start, we’re not terrifying like clowns, you can be rest assured that your children won’t run away and hide from our scary faces. Our music is updated on a biweekly basis, so songs selections are the newest chart entries, the tunes your children are certain to know. We’re always up to date with pop culture, we know our Gangnam Style from our Harlem Shake, the differences between the X Factor and the Voice, and as a high percentage of employees within the company are parents, we know at what age your kids go from Peppa Pig to Ben 10. I believe that these little things make us far more relatable to your children than a traditional entertainer that has been performing the same party for 50 years.


DNA is also a company that allows the customer  to customise and experience the party their way. With a large list of different themes, you can tailor pick the right party to suit your child’s particular interests. Also, with so many variations, your kids can keep going to a DNA Kids party and not get bored. In fact, you can keep booking us year after year and you’ll never see the same party twice. We’re extremely adaptable and flexible. There is rarely a venue we’re not willing to work in, and are happy to take on any little touches you want to throw at us. We understand that the most important thing is that you and your kids are happy.


So, if you want an unreliable, tight-fisted, old-fashioned entertainer, we’re probably not the company for you, even with our great adaptability! However, if you want to join the 26,000 other delighted customers, you know where to find us!



Yours, Cheeky Charlie





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