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Boyfriend – DJ
Favourite party game – DNA Limbo Challenge, Bubbles is great at this game!
Favourite hobby – Bubbles loves designing fun and pretty party dresses!
Favourite colour – Pink of course!
Favourite food – Pink marshmallows!
Favourite joke – What did the bubblegum say to the shoe? A: I’m stuck on you!


Girlfriend – Bubbles
Favourite party game – Musical Bumps & Musical Statues, DJ loves his classic party games!
Favourite hobby – DJ loves listening to pop music and DJing of course!
Favourite colour – Red!
Favourite song – Happy by Pharrell Williams – it get’s everyone dancing!
Favourite joke – What dance move do astronauts like to do? A: The moonwalk!
Lady Vamp

Lady Vamp

Favourite colour – Black
Boyfriend – Frank N. Stein
Favourite snack – Monster Munch
Favourite joke – Why are vampires like false teeth? A: They come out at night!
Favourite place to holiday – Transylvania
Favourite party game – Casper’s Candy Hunt – Lady Vamp loves getting her teeth into some sweets!
Frank N. Stein

Frank N. Stein

Favourite colour – Green – what else!
Best friend – Igor
Favourite joke – How does Frankenstein eat his dinner? A: He bolts it down!
Did you know? A mad scientist called Doctor Victor Frankenstein made the monster Frank N. Stein
Favourite party game – Monster Statues – Frank is great at standing still!
Hoop-Star Harley

Hoop-Star Harley

Favourite colour – Red
Favourite number – 23 – The number on his vest!
Best friend – Soccer Boy
Favourite joke – Why are basketball players messy eaters? A: They’re always dribbling!
Did you know? Hoop-Star Harley can jump up to 46 inches off the ground to make a slam dunk… WOW!!!
Favourite song – Swish, Swish by Katy Perry
Carrot Nose

Carrot Nose

Favourite colour – White – the colour of snow!
Favourite hobby – Snowball fights!
Favourite joke – What is Carrot Nose’s favourite cereal? A: Ice Crispies!
Best friend – Snowflake the Unicorn
Did you know? Despite being scared of fire, Carrot Nose’s favourite thing to do is to roast marshmallows!
Favourite party game – Building Carrot Nose of course!
Princess Melody

Princess Melody

Favourite colour – Green
Favourite food – Mint ice-cream
Did you know? Princess Melody loves to sing all day and can always be heard humming a tune!
Best friend – Harmony the Hamster
Favourite party game – Once Upon A Dream. Princess Melody and Harmony love making princess dreams come true!
Snowflake the Unicorn

Snowflake the Unicorn

Favourite colour – All the colours of the rainbow
Best friend – Carrot Nose!
Magic power – Snowflake’s magical horn can make it snow!
Favourite joke – What did the unicorn say when it fell? A: I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup!
Did you know? A unicorn with wings is called an Alicorn or Pegasus
Disco Diva

Disco Diva

Favourite colour – Yellow and Pink – or anything pretty!
Favourite dance move – Disco Fever- no one can pull off this dance like Disco Diva can!
Favourite food – Chocolate coated Strawberries
Did you know? Disco Diva is always the last person on the dance floor!
Favourite song – Whip My Hair – The best song for Disco Diva to show off her long hair
Favourite joke –  How do you make a tissue dance? A: Put a little boogie in it!
Captain DJ

Captain DJ

Best friend – Crackers the parrot
Favourite song – Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A pirates life for me
Did you know? Captain DJ wears an eye patch to prepare one eye to see in the dark! Captain DJ is one smart pirate!
Favourite joke – What do they call a pirate who skips school? A: Captain Hooky!
Favourite party game – Captain Sharkbait’s Sunken Treasure – Captain DJ loves hunting for another pirate’s treasure!
Super DJ

Super DJ

Favourite super-power – Super speed
Girlfriend – Princess Bubbles
Did you know? Super DJ is stronger than an elephant and can fly faster than an airplane
Favourite film – Avengers Assemble
Did you also know? Super DJ never takes off his cape – he never knows when he has to save the day!
Favourite party game – Bumbling Bank Robbers  – Super DJ loves to stop crime!
Princess Bubbles

Princess Bubbles

Favourite colour – Pink like candyfloss
Favourite party game – Once Upon a Dream – every princess loves a fairytale ending!
Favourite hobby – Playing games with Super DJ and Captain DJ
Did you know? Princess Bubbles has the same colour eyes as Elsa……ice blue!
Favourite joke – What does Ariel like on her toast? A: Merma-lade!


Favourite song – The Cha Cha Slide – it get’s everyone dancing!
Favourite dance move – The floss
Best friend – Disco Diva
Did you know? Mike can play over twenty musical instruments! However, his favourite thing to do is to sing into his microphone
Favourite party game – Microphone Mayhem
Princess Sparkle

Princess Sparkle

Boyfriend – Prince Dashing
Favourite colour – Silver, purple and sparkly pink!
Favourite hobby – Princess Sparkle loves to take care of her three horses, Sugar, Sweet-tooth and Spice
Favourite food – Cotton-candy ice cream
Favourite joke – What do you call a bear with no teeth? A: A gummy bear!
Favourite party game – Hunt for the Sparkly Diamonds!
Professor Bunsen

Professor Bunsen

Favourite PJ’s – Safety goggles and white lab coat
Favourite invention – A banana sharpener
Did you know? Professor Bunsen graduated from D.I.F.U (DNA Institute of Fun University!)
Did you also know? Professor Bunsen was named after the famous Bunsen Burner
Favourite party game – Professor Bunsen’s Bumps – the professor loves things that crash with a bump!
Soccer Boy

Soccer Boy

Favourite food – Pizza, cheese balls – anything ball shaped!
Favourite colour – Red, white and blue – his teams colours!
Best friend – Hoop-Star Harley
Did you know? Soccer Boy wears his player of the match medal everywhere – even in the shower!
Favourite joke – How do football players stay cool? A: By standing close to the fans!

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