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3 New Lunch Ideas for Parties

Throwing a party but don’t know what food to make? Check out our 3 great lunch ideas that’ll keep even the fussiest eaters happy and go down a treat!

If you’re throwing a party, event, or just having your children’s friends around for the day, you’re probably experiencing the same dilemma we all face – what food do you make?!

Kids are notoriously fussy eaters, and if you don’t get it right, you could be set for a fair few tantrums and hungry youngsters.

So, to help you out, we’ve put together 3 new lunch ideas for parties that have enough variety and customisation that any child will love them!

Check them out and let’s get cooking:


Fajita Table

We absolutely adore the idea of a fajita table at parties, and so will the party-goers.

They’re super simple for you to prepare and can have as much variety available as you want. To help you prepare your table, here are some options you can lay out:

  • Wrap choices – white, wholemeal, seeded, Mediterranean
  • Sauces – spicy and non-spicy salsa, guacamole, sour cream, hummus, mayonnaise, ketchup (even if fajitas and ketchup sound weird, there’s probably a little one who’s going to love it!)
  • Fillings – Chicken, Beef, Sausages, Falafel
  • Salad and cheese

Essentially, you’re creating a fajita table where kids can get as creative as they want with what a fajita actually is. One child might go for the traditional chicken and salsa route, whilst another comes out with sausage and ketchup – but as long as they’re happy, who cares!

They’ll also love putting their ‘fajitas’ together, so you get bonus points for a fun party.


Pita Pizzas

Whether you prepare them before or let the kids pick their toppings, pita pizzas are a definite favourite and bound to go down a treat.

They’re simple to make and super tasty – everything you want! Just like the fajitas, you can have a lot of options available too, so the youngsters can pick the flavours they love.

All you need to do is top each pitta with tomato puree, cheese, and a whole bunch of different toppings, before popping them in the oven to cook.

Check out this recipe to see how it’s done. Then, take a look at our topping ideas for inspiration:

  • Margherita – because there’s always one little one who wants to keep things simple
  • Tuna and sweetcorn
  • Sausage, chicken, and peppers
  • Veggie – top with all the basic pizza vegetables; peppers, onions, tomatoes etc.
  • Extra cheesy – a selection of yummy, kid-friendly cheeses, such as mozzarella, cheddar, and Red Leicester
  • Different sauces – switch tomato puree for BBQ sauce, garlic and herb sauce, pesto, or whatever else you think sounds good.

Healthy Fast-food ‘Takeaway’

There’s no doubt that kids love fast-food, so why not create your own fast-food table? But, of course, this is much healthier! You can put oven-baked chips into cardboard ‘fries’ holders, and switch things up a bit with sweet potato chips too.

Make your own burgers, with beef, turkey, and veggie options, and a variety of salad that the kids can choose.

Don’t forget the sauces, too. Everything from ketchup and mayonnaise to relish and mustard are a must have. Serve fruit juice instead of fizzy drinks for that extra kick of vitamins.

If you need help hosting a kid’s party, why not get in touch with our team of party experts at DNA Kids?

These 3 new lunch ideas are just the start of all our great party plans!

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