Magic Party Games

Magic Party Games

Before the children sit down and prepare to be amazed by our silly and interactive magic show, we play music-based magic, wizard and fairy themed party games. Our magic party games include fun themed props to make them even more exciting!



A funny dance-based game involving lots of luck, colourful fairy and wizard picture boards and a giant inflatable dice. Watch the giant dice bounce around the dance-floor as the children wait in anticipation to see which number displays next!

For ages: 4 – 7 years.

Magic Circle Mayhem

In this fun, sitting-based game the children will meet our silly magician’s two loveable pet owls, ‘Olive’ and ‘Oswald’. As the music is played the children must quickly pass around our feathery friends as quickly as they can before the music stops! Please note: for 7 year olds, we add in a fun twist to make it a little bit more challenging.

For ages: 4 – 7 years.

Magical Bumps / Statues

Our magical spin on the traditional favourites of Musical Bumps or Statues make the perfect party game for little ones to begin with. This helps them to quickly relax and settle into the party.

For ages: 4 – 5 years.

Wizard’s vs. Fairies Limbo

Wondrous wizards and fabulous fairies battle out to see who will be crowned the limbo champions. Will it be the brave wizards or the cute fairies? You will have to wait and see!

For ages: 4 – 7 years.

Wizard’s Wacky Race

As you would expect from a ‘secret wizard in disguise’, our wacky magician grows giant bananas in his magical garden. What better way to showcase his amazing green-fingered talents than with a fast-paced team race using his giant inflatable fruit!

For ages: 4 – 7 years.

Recommended by happy parents everywhere!


We booked the Virtual Science Party for our son's birthday and what a great party it was. It was well organised, Silly Steve was very engaging with the kids and...


18th January 2021

My daughter had a virtual science party for her 9th birthday. It was brilliant! The games and experiments had all the children engaged for an hour. Thank You DNA kids.


18th January 2021

Absolutely brilliant zoom science party hosted by the hilarious and thoroughly engaging Chris. The organisation was excellent: I got all the information about what was needed for the party well...


18th January 2021

We had an online party with Silly Steve. Kids loved it! It was our first ever online birthday party experience and we are happy to have chosen DNA Kids. Highly...


9th January 2021

Thank you so much DNA Kids for making our virtual Christmas party a success. It was not easy given our level of restrictions and having to keep our cameras off...

Stacey Scott

30th December 2020

Our Christmas Party was excellent with DNA entertainer Rocking Roney, thoroughly enjoyed buy all the children and adults as well from our Limbachia Community. Would recommend DNA Kids Party to...

Ashwin Galoria

22nd December 2020

We had a company Christmas party and the entertainer was amazing. He kept all the children and adults engaged and he made everyone feel special and a part of the...


14th December 2020

Highly recommended! First children's party I've attended / hosted where ALL the children were engaged from beginning to end. Party host was great, was extremely inclusive to all the children...


8th December 2020

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