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Parachute, Disco & Games Party

For ages:3 - 8 yrs

Key Party Features

  • Action-Packed Party & Parachute Games
  • Colourful Kids’ Disco - incl. bubble, snow or smoke machine
  • Fun Pop & Action Songs - incl. disco dancing sections
  • Brilliant, Lively Children’s Entertainer
  • Prizes, Consolation Sweets, Certificates, Invites & More!
  • Birthday Child is Star of the Show - receives birthday medal!
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Useful bits

Set up Time:
30 minutes
Set down Time:
30 minutes
Max. Attendance:
25 children
2 hours

Parachute, Disco & Games Party

Our Parachute, Disco & Games Party is bursting at the seams with fun!

The excitement begins with the children playing our music-based party games, winning prizes (supplied), dancing to their favourite songs and being mesmerised by our colourful kids disco complete with bubble, snow or smoke machine!

After the fun of the age-appropriate party games, our lively children's entertainer will continue to entertain the kids' with our hilarious props-based parachute games using a 12ft or 16ft brightly coloured parachute! 

Please note: for 3rd birthdays we recommend parental assistance for some parts of the party.

Read on to find out more about our action-packed Parachute, Disco & Games Party and what is included...

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What's included in your DNA Kid's Party

Parachute, Disco & Games Party

Action-Packed Activities

The excitement begins with our music-based party games that include lots of fun props and are tailored to the children’s age group.

After the fun of the party games, it’s time for our thrilling parachute games using our brightly coloured 12ft or 16ft parachute!

Sample Party Games Played

  • Cartoon Capers
  • DNA Limbo Challenge
  • Duck Pond Dash
  • Go Teddy Go!
  • Monkey Game
  • Treasure Hunt

Sample Parachute Games Played

  • Blast Off
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Poppin’ Popcorn
  • Umbrella
  • Under the Sea
  • Wiggly Waves

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Parachute, Disco & Games Party

Super-Cool Disco

To play the music for all of the great games and activities, we include a cool kids’ disco (PAT tested) complete with colourful lights and the free choice of a bubble, snow or smoke machine!

See our offers page to get a free 2nd machine worth £20!

We carry all of the latest pop and action songs and include funky disco dancing sections in-between the many games and activities. The children may even win themselves a best dancer prize!

We will also happily accommodate all the birthday child’s favourite songs, including any music list you wish to send before the day.

DNA Kids
DNA Kids
DNA Kids
Parachute, Disco & Games Party

Engaging Kid’s Entertainers

Capturing the children’s attention and engrossing with awesome entertainment them from start to finish is what our expert kids’ entertainers do best.

Our lively children’s entertainer (DBS checked) will take full control of the party, so that you can relax and enjoy the party as much as the children will!

Our stress-free party service includes replacement children’s entertainer cover (subject to availability) and written confirmation of your booking.

See our children's entertainers glowing reviews at Reviews.io, TrustpilotFacebook or Google!

DNA Kids
DNA Kids
DNA Kids
Parachute, Disco & Games Party

Brilliant For Birthdays

Whilst our Parachute, Disco & Games Party is suitable for any special occasion, it makes the perfect celebration for a birthday boy or girl.

Throughout the party, our professional children’s entertainer will make the birthday child feel extra special.

This includes them taking centre stage in the DNA Birthday Kid Grand Presentation where they will receive their very own DNA Birthday Girl or Boy medal!

They will also be made team leader and start off all of the party games, join our entertainer in fun routines and be guaranteed to win a prize or two! 

Birthday Girl medal
Birthday Boy Medal

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How Our Parachute, Disco & Games Party Works

Our step-by-step guide to hosting your perfect DNA Kids party...

  1. Call our helpful party advisors on 01245 401 401 for further information, quotes and availability or get a quote online
  2. Book your Parachute, Disco & Games Party online or call us on 01245 401 401 - please note, a credit or debit card deposit is required at time of booking
  3. Hire a local party venue (village or church hall, community centre etc.) or host in your garden - we come to you! 
  4. Purchase your party food, party-ware, decor, birthday cake, party bags etc. - we provide the party entertainment only 
  5. Your entertainer will arrive 30 mins before the party starts to set-up their disco equipment - they will take 30 mins to set down too1
  6. Your entertainer will run the party for you - the children will play lots of awesome party and parachute games with dancing sections in-between!
  7. Your entertainer will break halfway through the party so that you can feed the children (typically 20 - 30 mins)
  8. Your entertainer will get the children to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday child/ren - you would need to bring out the birthday cake2
  9. After the food break your entertainer will continue the fun!
  10. At the end of the party the children will go home happy and hopefully very tired!
  11. Your entertainer packs away - please pay them the remaining party balance
  12. Go home, put your feet-up and enjoy a well- deserved cup of tea or glass of wine!

1. For upstairs venues, 45 mins is needed to set-up and down. Extra time needed for optional light-show upgrades.  2. Birthday parties only

Got A Question? Find The Answers Here!

We love to answer your questions! Here are our top 3 most frequently asked questions for our Parachute, Disco & Games Party - please click below to see many more!

If you have a question not listed on our FAQs page, please call us on 01245 401 401 or email us at hello@dnakids.co.uk


How much does a Parachute, Disco & Games Party cost?

Ok, let's get you a Parachute, Disco & Games Party quote! 

Please choose how you would like us to provide you with a quote:

*Our lines are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 4pm Saturday. We are closed Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Do I need to hire a party venue?

Yes. Being mobile children's entertainers we come to you!

This means you will need to hire a local venue to hold your Parachute, Disco & Games Party in, such as:1

  • Village Hall
  • Community Centre
  • Church Hall
  • Sports Club
  • Leisure Centre
  • Pub/Restaurant/Hotel Function Room
  • Conservative/Labour Club
  • School
  • Private Garden2

1. For a ground floor party venue, we would need 30 minutes before the party to set-up and 30 minutes to set down afterwards. This means if your party is 2 hours long, please hire your venue for 3 hours. For upstairs venues, please allow 45 minutes to set-up and 45 minutes to set down, i.e. hire your party venue for 3.5 hours.

2. Please ensure you have cover in the event of rain, such as a marquee, gazebo or a space within your home. Parachute may not be able to be used if it is too large to fit under cover - we can still provide disco and party games. 

What do I need to supply for the party?

As children's entertainers, we will take care of the party entertainment only.

This means you would need to supply the party venue (with two 13 amp plug sockets) and the following party related items should you wish:

  • Party Food
  • Birthday Cake
  • Party-ware (plates, cups etc.)
  • Decorations
  • Party Bags
  • Any other party related items
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Check Availability for Parachute, Disco & Games Party in your area

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