School Disco Party Games

School Disco Party Games

Our School Disco party games have been specially selected for being ideal for higher numbers of children. Many of the party games include exciting themed props making them unique and lots of fun for 4 – 11 years!

Building Frosty

What’s better than transforming an adult helper into a snowman? We know! Transforming two helpers into snowmen! In this hilarious team-based game, the children race to transform two helpers into lovable Frosty the Snowmen! For Christmas School Discos only.

For ages: 7 – 11 years.

Cartoon Capers / Rockin’ Run-around

In this fun danced-based game of luck, the children show off their cool dance moves and when the music stops, they choose one of four picture boards to quickly run to. The children then watch in great anticipation to see if their picture board is chosen!

For ages: 4 – 8 years.

DNA Limbo Challenge

A big hit with the children, the DNA Limbo Challenge is our most popular game. After the children have carefully limboed underneath the pole, the pole gets lower and lower but the real challenge begins when the pole reaches the very bottom!

For ages: 4 – 11 years.


A laugh out loud dance-based game involving plenty of luck, colourful wizard and fairy picture boards and a huge inflatable dice. Watch the giant dice bounce around the dance-floor as the children wait in suspense to see which number displays next! For Halloween School Discos only.

For ages: 4 – 7 years.

Howling Huskies

The children show off their best dance moves whilst listening out for one of four winter themed positions to be called out. As quickly as they can, the children then have to adopt the position either on their own or within a group. Expect plenty of hilarious wintry fun! For Christmas School Discos only.

For ages: 7 – 11 years.

Monkey Game

Children do not normally need much encouragement to start acting like monkeys but in this fast-paced team game featuring giant inflatable bananas, we can’t help but encourage it! A simple but great game involving lots of fruity fun!

For ages: 4 – 7 years.

Mummy Mummy

What’s better than transforming an adult helper into an Egyptian mummy? You can see where we are going with this… transforming two helpers into mummies! In this funny team-based game, children race to transform two helpers into monstrous mummies! For Halloween School Discos only.

For ages: 7 – 11 years.

Musical Bumps / Statues

Games like Musical Bumps and Musical Statues have stood the test of time for very good reason, because they are simple timeless fun! Little ones love these two traditional party games, which is why they will always have a place in our hearts and our School Discos!

For ages: 4 – 6 years.

Not-So Spooky Spider / Pumpkin Panic

Incy Wincy our lovely and definitely not-so scary spider, makes a guest appearance in this fun sitting based game for younger children. When the music plays, the children pass Incy Wincy around the circle as fast as they can and hope that they are not holding her when the music stops! Pumpkin Panic is the older version (7 – 11 years) of ‘Not-so Spooky Spider’ where we add an extra element to make the game more involving and faster paced! For Halloween School Discos only.

For ages: 4 – 6 years.

Number Game

In this hilarious dance-based game, the children quickly learn (in a fun and friendly way) who their friends really are! When the DJ/entertainer randomly calls out a number, the children must quickly form groups of that number. Cue lots of frantic fun as the children quickly decide which group they want to be in!

For ages: 8 – 11 years.

Santa Says

Little ones will love acting out the fun Christmas themed actions in our Christmas version of Simon Says. From polishing Rudolph’s red nose and rockin’ around the Christmas tree, through to helping the elves build toys and flapping their wings like an angel to name but a few fun actions! For Christmas School Discos only.

For ages: 4 – 6 years.

Recommended by happy parents everywhere!

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We had a Wacky Science party, the kids and the grown ups all had the most amazing time! Thank you

Kathryn Morrison


My daughter had a UV Glow Party for her 13th. It was fantastic and the kids all loved it. I was a bit worried about a room full of teenagers, but they totally immersed themselves in it and had a fab time. Thank you!!

Nicky Baldock


We had our daughters 7th birthday party on Saturday...what fun we all had! Kim our entertainer was brilliant! Lots of parents commented how well she did with so many kids!! Thank you for making her party so much fun.

Lynda Reed


100% recommend.. experienced the glow party Saturday and it was fantastic, birthday girl was super pleased and so were her guests, Thank you mighty Max

Sian Armstrong


We had Jordan for a cool kids disco yesterday for my daughters 7th birthday. All kids were entertained throughout the whole party, other parents were commenting on how good he was too. Would definitely book again! Thank you

Jade Hicks


Fantastic service!! Our DJ was Dizzy Dale - he was amazing. Made our 10 year old daughter feel so special and she loved the DJ experience. We cannot praise or thank Dale enough. He was brilliant! The kids had an absolute blast. Thank you so much

Jackie Hyde


Just had my sons Beach Party for his 8th birthday. The entertainer was called Epic Em and he was fantastic. The children had a fantastic time and Epic Em did all he could to help the party run smoothly.

Charlie Loxley


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