Soccer Superstar Football Party Games

Soccer Superstar Football Party Games

A children’s football party should be so much more than a simple football match. It should be unique, exciting and captivating from start to finish! This is why our Soccer Superstar Football Party not only has 7 fantastic football matches but some truly brilliant football-based games as well!


Frantic Football

Frantic by name, frantic by nature! In this fast-paced game, the children split into two teams and listen out for their number to be called out. For when it does, the children need to race on to the pitch and go for goal before their opponents do!

For ages: 5 – 11 years.

Giant Inflatable Football Match

Our hilarious Giant Inflatable Football Match is football at its funniest! The children play a fun football match using a giant 75cm diameter inflatable football. The best bit is, there are no goalkeepers allowed. Expect plenty of defensive goal line saves using heads, chest and of course, feet!

For ages: 5 – 11 years.

Keepy Uppy Competition

There is something almost therapeutical about keeping a football in the air. What is it about the simple but timeless enjoyment of keeping a ball from touching the floor using your feet, knees, chest and head? Whatever it is, the children love to show off their Keepy Uppy skills to all their friends!

For ages: 5 – 11 years.

Penalty Shoot Out Contest

The children get to test their striking skills in this knockout style penalty shootout. It sounds simple, beat the goalkeeper by scoring at least one goal using 3 footballs. Get it wrong and the children learn that being a world class striker may not be as easy as it looks!

For ages: 5 – 11 years.

Soccer Superstar FA Cup Tournament

The main event the children cannot wait to play! Following the food break, the children are split into four equal and well-matched teams. After choosing their team names the children are ready for action! Each team will play 3 matches with the two top teams playing a 4th nail-biting final match.

For ages: 5 – 11 years.

Soccer Superstar Training & Skills Course

The perfect warm-up game. Our Soccer Superstar Training & Skills Course gets the children ready for the action-packed excitement that lies ahead, whilst still being a whole lot of fun! Once split into two teams, the children race each other through a series of challenging football training equipment, including reaction hoops, agility ladders, dribbling cones and more!

For ages: 5 – 11 years.

Recommended by happy parents everywhere!


Glittery Grace was fab and the party was brilliant! All the kids and adults enjoyed every game and competitions played. Everyone had so much fun dancing to the music and...


18th January 2022

Fantastic entertainment. My son had the best birthday. Party Peter kept control of the kids and made my life so much easier all I had to worry about was the...

Nicola Coyne

17th January 2022

WOW- This really was a party with the wow factor. It completely exceeded any expectations I had and was the most interactive, fun and hilarious party I have ever seen...

Holly Ankers

17th January 2022

Such a good a professional experience by DNA kids and entertainer Glittery Grace. Would recommend to anyone looking for kids party entertainment.


17th January 2022

What an absolutely brilliant 5th party! I’ve used DNA Kids a few times in the past and cannot recommend them enough - especially Speedy Shaun! He was fantastic and the...

Susie Miles

17th January 2022

Oh my goodness! This was the best party my 7 year old daughter has had so far! The music, the lights, the hilarious games, the brilliant show, the snow and...

Charmaine Masters

17th January 2022

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a review. My son had his 7 birthday party hosted by Funky Phoebe and she was fantastic, 2 hours of...

Zahily Mckie

12th January 2022

Excellent - all the kids joined in with the games / dancing, and they absolutely loved it. Really made the birthday girl feel special! Highly recommend! Thank you so much.


11th January 2022

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