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18th Jun 2020

Don’t Let The Pandemic Stop Your Children’s Party Plans | Part 2 of 2

In the second part of our blog, we discuss how the creation of socially distanced Party Pods is the answer to providing your child and their friends with the ultimate garden party for some safe, Summer fun!

Have Fun And Stay Safe With DNA Kids Social Distance Parties!

The desire to return to normality is growing by the day. Children being away from their friends can be tough on them socially and mentally. Thankfully, children are wonderfully resilient, but for how much longer?

There is a need to get children interacting again with their friends in the real world. And there is nothing quite like a children’s party to do this. The positive effects a fun and exciting kids’ party has on children is extremely hard to ignore and should not be underestimated.

There has been tremendous sadness during the Coronavirus outbreak, but there has also been many positive things. More family time (we will let you decide on that one!), cleaner air, less money spent (just don’t mention the food bill) and we are all now would-be British Bake-Off contestants!

However, the one area that has been less positive is keeping our children apart.



Let’s Be Sociable Again!

Thankfully, we have made great strides in our recovery as a nation over the last few months. So, could now be the time to take those first cautious steps in getting children safely interacting and partying together again in person?

With safety firmly at its heart and with the UK re-opening, we believe now is the right time. Allow us to introduce our extremely sociable, Social Distance Parties! So, what is a Social Distance Party?

They are one of our regular fun-filled children’s party made even safer. Which means they include everything children love about our kids’ parties coupled with the peace of mind of social distancing included in a fun and creative way.



Party Pods – The New Way to Party!

When our creative team were considering different options for socially distancing the children in a fun way that didn’t feel like they were physically distancing, one solution quickly became the obvious choice… hula hoops! Or as we affectionately like to call them, Party Pods!

After all, what child doesn’t love a hula hoop? Come to think of it, what adult doesn’t love a hula hoop?! A bright, colourful hula hoop represents fun. But also being a complete circle they represent personal space when inside, like having your own cocoon.

Couple this together with the imagination of our lively entertainers, which is enthusiastically shared by younger children, and a 2 metre distanced Party Pod becomes a cool pirate ship, a pretty princesses castle or even a floating raft in volcanic lava! Who knew social distancing could be so much fun!

Social distance parties are a great way for children to safely interact and spend quality time with each other. As government restrictions are eased, we will begin to relax social distancing measures in a gradual and safe manner. Find out more about our Social Distance Parties today!


Don’t let your little (or big) one needlessly miss out on their special birthday celebrations. Call us on 01245 401 401 or book online today!

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