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10th Feb 2020

What to remember when hosting a Joint Children’s party | DNA Kids

If you’re hosting a joint children’s party then look no further. DNA Kids have provided some great tips for you to remember along the way. Find out more now.

What to consider when hosting a Joint Children’s party

There are many advantages to throwing a joint birthday party and it turns out to not be as difficult as it may seem. You may feel as though this would be double the work, however you actually tend to save a lot of time and money in general. Whether you have twins, children with close birthdays or friends that want to celebrate together, there are a few tips to remember along the way so that it can run as smoothly as possible.

Pick the same theme

We always suggest picking a theme and sticking to it throughout the process of planning a party. This still stands within a joint party, potentially even more so, as it will prevent any arguments in the long run. It should be an easy problem to fix, if they are sharing a party, they must get along. However, if by chance they are siblings or like slightly different things, you could have a basic theme like a colour or print.

If you do want to be a bit more adventurous, you could choose two things that work hand in hand. One of DNA Kids most popular parties is our Princesses & Superheroes Party theme which keeps everyone happy!

Make sure this is the first thing you address so that you can set the foundations of the party.

What one gets, so does the other

Establishing rules at the start is key to keeping everyone happy during the process. If one child gets a particular feature at the party, be sure to provide the other child with the same choice too. It may sound simple, and it really is. Although if there are two separate parents, one might wish to buy their child something and the other may go without. Keep communicating and compromise if needed and remember to keep them both happy.

If possible, providing two cakes for the children will save anyone getting upset. As well as addressing that it is a special day for both and not taking anything away from that.

Two cakes provides the opportunity for each child to feel special separately and can be personalised to their own style.

To prevent any tears or jealousy, at DNA kids we make sure that every Birthday child gets a medal, ensuring everyone has fun!

The Guest List

There are two main things to consider when deciding on the guest list and it is all dependant on the relationship of the two children.

  1. If they are in the same class or friendship group, the guest list could be relatively simple. It would only be family members that take up the extra numbers.
  2. If they are in the same family, inviting all their friends may be difficult. So, you could keep it as close family and a few favourite friends from school.

You won’t please everyone with situations like this, but make sure both children have a say in who they want to celebrate with. Once decided, stick to the list so that it is fair.

The Presents

There can be arguments or assumed favouritism when it comes to gifts. Putting a limit on present price or numbers is a great way to ensure that each child receives the same amount of attention.

This however can be difficult as not all guests will listen, so keeping presents separate and hidden where either child can’t see them would be perfect. You could do this by suggesting they send them to the relevant child’s home or having someone collect this prior to them entering the party room. Although, be sure to find a way to thank the guests for their generosity.

The biggest advice we can give is keeping it fair so that everyone can have the best time. Having strong communication between each child and the child’s parent is also key to making sure everyone is included on the big day.

We also recommend still trying to celebrate individually with each child in your own special way. Whether this be spending time with family for their actual birthday and a joint party on a separate date. Or, even if it is taking them to their favourite restaurant or watching their favourite film with snacks in the evening.

DNA Kids are here to help for all your party needs and specialise in ensuring that each birthday child gets the most out of their special day. Get a quick quote or book your DNA Kids party online today!

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